Everyone had been having trouble leaving me comments on the blog but I have just changed the settings so it may work now! Have another go....


  1. Have found out how you can leave a comment.
    1. Write your message in the comment box giving your name.
    2. In the 'comment as' box below click on 'anonymous'
    3. Then click on 'publish'

  2. All I want to say is that I wish you were still here in our Chaucer group because you are a fountain of info and have so many projects on the go, it would be nicer to have them HERE!
    Also want to know what it is like to be such a lady of leisure in such a gorgeous position. I am retired and don't have that much time!! x trudy

    1. well, the Chaucer ladies are fantastic too and have taught me a lot. I miss our Wednesday afternoons..
      I think I am able to do more here because I am still getting to know people. Or am very organised?


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