Free Motion Quilting

Well, I've been putting this off for years - after only ever doing hand quilting on all my projects I realised that I could make more quilts in a year if I had a go at machine quilting. I've always like the densely quilted and decorative look of free motion quilts at the shows but was hesitant about actually taking the first step.

These samples are the best results yet and I know I've got a way to go (very jerky) but I'm quite pleased at the result for a first real attempt.

This is the practice run for actually quilting the jelly roll quilt......

Good old Leah Day and her videos! I've also discovered Patsy Thompson tutorials which are really helpful. (See the links for both in 'My Favourite Sites)


  1. your blog and just became a follower. Greetings from South Australia

  2. Hi Karin. Glad you like my blog. have just had a frustrating day trying to free motion a real quilt - it's much harder than the practice squares!

  3. Just found your blog and am doing Leah Day's FMQ and learning alot but it sure takes practice. I have so many squares around and one baby quilt I did FMQ but it leaves alot to be desired. I love Australian fabric and after watching the McLeod's Daughters videos, I want to live in that country.


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