Ricky Tims Seminar

Have just bought tickets for Ricky Tims' two day seminar in Perth later this year.
I'm very excited to see him as his quilts are amazing! Hopefully some of his colour genius will rub off on me!


  1. Sending you lots of color hugs so it WILL rub off! See you in September!

  2. How lovely he replied.
    hope the colours are rubbing off! My Ricky Timms quilt is hanging ( spring ) in the hall still wondering how to make catkins on the tree! Trudy

    1. you must send me a photo - I can't remember it..
      Did you do a class with him?

  3. no ,used his convergence quilt book and really enjoyed it ,but you had to concentrate hard! now how on earth would I send a photo!! I will send it via email till I know better! Have to take the photo first!


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