Picture Quilt

 I've been working on a design for a pieced picture quilt since last year but have been putting it off because I wasn't sure how to tackle the sewing part. I have a design programme that enables you to take your photo and break it up into units (The computer doesn't do it for you - you have to draw the lines you want to use) and so I had the templates and colour charts all ready.

I thought I would need to use paper piecing but it  was just too complicated and some units didn't work with that technique, so went back to the old paper templates and rotary cutter to cut it out.

I was really pleased with the result (see the photos where I've laid the finished unit over the paper pattern) It went together really quickly on my machine.


  1. Wow! I love how it is turning out, very impressive.

  2. this is cool! So far, Its very pretty.

  3. Ah, another west aussie! Love the quilt - what program did you use? And did you have one in Quiltwest? A parisian looking one?

  4. It's a free programme called Quilt Assistant - just Google and download it. It just a simple programme but it works well for designing photo quilts for piecing.
    I had 4 quilts in quilt west but not the Parisian one...


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