Crazy Garden Finished!

It's a great feeling having put the last stitch in my 'Crazy garden' Quilt. I started it in February 2011 when I was stuck in a hotel apartment for 4 months and needed some hand work to do. It's all needle turned applique and hand quilted so that's not bad going!

Now I can get on with my batik Celtic knot quilt without feeling guilty and allow the scarred quilting fingers to heal!


  1. It is absolutely lovely, I love the brown background with the bright colours.

  2. Wow that quilt is something else, the quilting is gorgeous, handquilted? how ever long did that take

  3. Yes, I'm rather pleased with it but want to get a sleeve on it so that it can hang to get rid of the wobbly edge.
    Sheila, it took just over a year from start to finish with plenty of gaps inbetween... better than the 8 years for the millennium quilt!

  4. This is so Beautiful! Your scars are worth it.


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