Being Busy

Have been busy putting a quilt top together for my son - I intended it to be a lap quilt/bed throw but somehow it just needed those big black borders and it grew and grew! The pattern is the 3 Dudes jelly Roll pattern but I just cut my own strips.
It will be a challenge to machine quilt on my Pfaff!

 I've also been tidying up my scrap bag after inspiration from the book 'Cutting the Scraps' which recommends cutting scraps into 2", 3&1/2" and 5" squares. At first glance this seemed a bit random but the logic is that two 2" squares sewn together can be joined to the 3 & 1/2" square and three 2" squares sewn together can make a 9 patch to join onto the 5" square. Clever!

Last but not least...
I had a pile of very large floor cushions in our TV room waiting to be covered and someone gave me a great idea for NO SEWING covers.
Take 2 squares of Polar Fleece fabric, cut approximately 4" larger than the cushion.
Lay the fleece wrong sides facing each other and the cushion sandwiched between.

Rotary cut slits along all the edges up to the cushion (aprox 1" apart)
Tie all the strips together to close the edge. Done!


  1. What a great idea Phil. We are hoping to have a Chaucer quilt show next year, so these might be a good item to sell. Gill x

    1. yes, they are so clever and quick and look great in my TV room. We use them when playing family board games round our huge coffee table in front of the fire. The fabric is so soft and cosy...
      You could make mini versions as pin cushions!


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