Progress on the Celtic Knot Quilt

Have been busy lately with trying to get my Celtic blocks finished and although I've had my quilt plan ready for ages I couldn't make the final decision on how to set the blocks.
After playing with my new EQ7 programme I went back to the old plan that used good old paper, pencils and calculator.

Once I started putting it together the fabric took over and although I didn't intend to make a purple quilt somehow this happened!

I'm really pleased how it all went together, as I had made my calculations months ago but just took a deep breath and made the patterns - then amazingly all the pieces went together perfectly without any squeezing or stretching!

Now to hand quilt it ready for next year's show.....

Have also changed my sewing room - I realised that my cosy corner of the bedroom was just not big enough so have decamped to the games room downstairs and can now make even more mess than before.

I even found a use for the pool table which makes a great cutting table (covered with a board, of course!)

I also discovered my miniature quilts that have been lying, forgotten, in the bottom of a drawer!