Monday, 13 August 2012

Another UFO finished!

Have managed to get my 'In The Pink' quilt finished at last. I pieced and quilted it all on the machine - half on my old Pfaff (difficult...) and half on my new Horizon (a breeze!) Am slowly getting better at free motion quilting and now understand that it's all about practice, practice and more practice!

I know I've got a way to go but at least I can say I can do it fairly well!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New Arrival!

At last I made the decision to buy the Horizon after having my eye on it for the last 6 months!
I always procrastinate where spending money is concerned but was jogged into it after chatting to a friend who has a 'sweet sixteen' model (drool) and admitted she also has a long arm machine with frame in her basement that she never uses! That seemed like the height of spendthriftness to me and made my little purchase more acceptable....
so off I went to the shop...
Have been happily experimenting today on one of my UFOs and it seems to be working well.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Being Busy

Have been busy putting a quilt top together for my son - I intended it to be a lap quilt/bed throw but somehow it just needed those big black borders and it grew and grew! The pattern is the 3 Dudes jelly Roll pattern but I just cut my own strips.
It will be a challenge to machine quilt on my Pfaff!

 I've also been tidying up my scrap bag after inspiration from the book 'Cutting the Scraps' which recommends cutting scraps into 2", 3&1/2" and 5" squares. At first glance this seemed a bit random but the logic is that two 2" squares sewn together can be joined to the 3 & 1/2" square and three 2" squares sewn together can make a 9 patch to join onto the 5" square. Clever!

Last but not least...
I had a pile of very large floor cushions in our TV room waiting to be covered and someone gave me a great idea for NO SEWING covers.
Take 2 squares of Polar Fleece fabric, cut approximately 4" larger than the cushion.
Lay the fleece wrong sides facing each other and the cushion sandwiched between.

Rotary cut slits along all the edges up to the cushion (aprox 1" apart)
Tie all the strips together to close the edge. Done!