I decided to get a move on with my Fremantle picture quilt - It's something I've being trying to do since arriving in Perth.
I have a free programme on my computer (Quilt Assistant) which enables you work on your own photos to create pieced quilts. You have to do all the work of dividing the photo into sewing-able sections yourself but then it will make the templates and the plans ready to print out.
It took a lot of patience as I had to cut out each template, each piece of fabric and then machine it all together which took hours! I almost gave up a couple of weeks ago as it became such a struggle to fit it all together well - It still looks rather wonky on the photo but hopefully I will be able to straighten the sections when I machine quilt it. I plan to add pieced kaleidoscope blocks around this section with the colours blending through to make the finished wall quilt measure about 40"x50". It looks better from a distance!
Dare I say 'Never Again' ?


  1. Wow! That's amazing! And you seem to have done so much since I saw it pinned on your design wall just last week.
    Fremantle is a great choice. I even think I recognise where you took the photo: near the end of Phillimore Street. Yes?

  2. Yes, I spent most of the weekend fiddling with it! It looks better in the flesh than in the photo... It was on a street on the way back to the railway station- I must find out which one.

  3. I checked with street view and it is Phillimore Street. Well spotted!

  4. That is fantastic! So effective.

  5. That's awesome Phil & does look even better in real life! I'm interested in the program you are using. Does it work with Macs?


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