iPad cover

I bought my first iPad last week and I'm loving it! I bought it originally to use as a design aid for my quilting, especially for the AQC workshops in April. The best App ever is 'Noteshelf' where you can produce notebooks, scan fabric/ text, add photos, drawings, sketch using a myriad of pens, brushes and crayons - the possibilities are endless.

Coincidentally I opened my new issue of 'Quilter's Companion' magazine and found a pattern for an iPad cover - it just had to be made. The measurements were spot on for a perfect fit. I really love it!



  1. Looks great!
    Just don't let your dog chew it! I did manage to patch up the damage to my iPad case caused by my dog's decision to give the leather straps a little 'nibble'.

  2. I don't have a dog but my daughter has her eye on the case so may have to make another..


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