Dear Jane ...


I had a pile of lovely Liberty fabric acquired over the years but could never decide what to do with it. I recently saw blocks that a friend was making in reds and whites from the 'Dear Jane' book and thought that I could use my Liberty fabrics to make a smaller version (the original historic quilt uses 225 tiny blocks!). But now everyone assumes I've started on the whole thing with encouraging remarks so I can't chicken out now! Also another friend has just started the 'Nearly Insane' quilt - a similar historic quilt of 98, slightly larger but more intricate, blocks than the 'Dear Jane' quilt. Add to that, we are rather a competitive pair and so I suspect the race is on!
I always love making small blocks and miniatures and am enjoying the hand sewing ... 5 down and only 220 to go !


  1. Tee hee. Welcome to the madhouse. Perhaps we can keep each other motivated.
    You cannot go wrong with Liberty fabrics.

    1. yes, liberty fabric means I don't have to think too much! How many have you made?


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