Tiny pieces

This is becoming addictive! I'm about to sew a DJ block with tiny, tiny triangles and the section in the photo is only the central bit, measuring 3" finished. I want to hand sew all the blocks but may change my mind later on!


  1. They are wonderfully addictive, aren't they! I am itching to get back to mine, but my husband has put in a special order and I have to finish that before I can focus on Jane.
    I am not against the hand-sewing idea, but the foundation paper piecing is such fun when a block allows it. I would do everything that way (or by hand-sewn applique) if I could.

    1. Yes I agree about foundation piecing but have decided I need hand work to take around with me...
      I am cheating a little by appliqueing some pieces that are probably pieced blocks originally. The effect is the same. I'm finding the freezer paper way of cutting and marking the pieces is great for those small shapes as shown in the D J book....


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