Silk Rhapsody

I have some beautiful silk fabrics in my stash which I've wanted to use in a small wall quilt for ages.
The plan is to make this a showcase for my hand quilting with large open areas for beautiful feather quilting designs. I've been pondering for months how to plan the design and couldn't think of anything that excited me, then I remembered Ricky Timms  and his gorgeous Rhapsody Quilts. Luckily I have his book for reference and went straight to the drawing board to start playing! I eventually came up with a design I liked and which would be pieceable (curves, aargh!) and today made a mock-up in vaguely the right colours. 

I need to check how big to make this quilt as I have a limited amount of fabric and do NOT want to buy more silk! Once that's decided I can go on to make full size patterns and freezer paper templates.
Hopefully it can stretch to be 50"x 50"

Happy Quilting!


  1. Are you hand piecing or machine sewing all those curves? Pretty impressive, either way.


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