The Dreaded Nan's Naiad...

I've been putting off piecing this block ever since a friend told me she was dreading doing it - I sort of put it to the bottom of the list since then. So when I came to the final twenty DJ blocks I decided I had to take the plunge and do it!

Strangely it was easier to do than many of the other blocks I'd made earlier on. Either my skills have improved or it really wasn't any harder.

Incidentally I have only 15 more blocks to make which means, if my math is correct, I've made 154!


  1. I was also putting this one off until later, but I think I might tackle it some time this week. I like your slightly altered version better than the original, which is a block I find unattractive.
    I hope it will be as so often has been the case - a difficult block is easier than I thought. (But why are some of the simple-looking ones causing me so much grief?!)

  2. Yes, I didn't like the look of the original block.
    The next one is worse - I can't remember the name but there are some really small pieces in it. Have managed it though, with a bit of a struggle!


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