Design Wall

I dug out all my Dear Jane blocks today, to put on my design wall so that I can start to moving them around into a colour wash pattern. I haven't looked at them since August!
I'm rather pleased with my design wall as I've improved it no end... I already had the large square board covered with flannel which had leant against the wall in my old house. But when I moved I realised that there wasn't going to be enough wall space for me to attach it to. I searched all over the internet for some sort of support or room divider that I could fix it to, with no joy. Then I had a light bulb moment in IKEA when I saw a clothes rack stand for $9 and thought that would just do the job perfectly! I attached the old design wall onto the clothes rack with plenty of strong tape at the back and it works a treat.

Now it's freestanding and I can move it around easily or put it away when not in use.
It would have been even better if it had wheels though...


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