Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wish this was mine...

Yes, you can tell by my unrelaxed stance that this isn't my long arm machine - it belongs to a friend.

Thought it would be easier too - I started well and then on the last three rows my stitches got worse and worse until I noticed a slight clicking sound. On further investigation I discovered that the stitch regulator sensor had come adrift!
So that meant unpicking the stitches for the second time (I had previously decided that  the work done on my Janome wasn't good enough..)

I could have hand quilted it by now!

Sunday, 17 February 2013


I decided to get a move on with my Fremantle picture quilt - It's something I've being trying to do since arriving in Perth.
I have a free programme on my computer (Quilt Assistant) which enables you work on your own photos to create pieced quilts. You have to do all the work of dividing the photo into sewing-able sections yourself but then it will make the templates and the plans ready to print out.
It took a lot of patience as I had to cut out each template, each piece of fabric and then machine it all together which took hours! I almost gave up a couple of weeks ago as it became such a struggle to fit it all together well - It still looks rather wonky on the photo but hopefully I will be able to straighten the sections when I machine quilt it. I plan to add pieced kaleidoscope blocks around this section with the colours blending through to make the finished wall quilt measure about 40"x50". It looks better from a distance!
Dare I say 'Never Again' ?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

'Quilt of the Day'

Just heard my 'Purple Heather' quilt has been chosen as 'Quilt of the Day' by 'The Quilt Show'! That's the second time in a month one of my quilts has been chosen... .