Monday, 26 May 2014

Turkish Delight

I won 3rd prize in the Traditional Professional category at QuiltWest 2014 this week. Have a look at the website to see photos of the show...

The quilt is made from silk fabric and is hand pieced and hand quilted. The quilting took 250 hours to do- I must be mad!


  1. You counted the hours! Yikes!
    It looks well worth the effort.

  2. Your quilt looks fabulous Phil. Congratulations. Wish I had managed to see it in person at the show but didn't quite get there. Cheers, Tracy xx

  3. Hi Phil, congratulations, your quilt is stunning!
    I would like to ask if you are interested in being featured in Down Under Quilts, in 'Meet a Blogger'.
    Çould you please reply to
    Many thanks, Linda