New Work Station

I'm really pleased with my new work station. I originally had a small wooden set of drawers with a glass top sitting on it but:

1. There wasn't enough drawer space
2. The drawers were hard to open
3. The cutting area was too low.

So off to Ikea to buy more drawer space and to have a thinking session. 
I found the ideal six drawer cupboard easily but it was too low. Then I had the idea of buying six strong cylindrical storage jars of the right size to use as 'legs' to support my glass top. This has worked perfectly, giving me the correct working height for cutting and an extra space between the glass and the drawers for storing my ironing pad, extra cutting mats and all my rolls of paper, vlisofix, etc. 
A win win situation!

So am all set up to cut out more DJ triangle blocks...


  1. Ooh! Look at all that space! I'm going to your place to sew!

  2. I'm finding it hard to stay out of that room and mix with the rest of the family! So tempting to hide away all day...

  3. Looks great Phil. Very creative thinking on your part. Enjoy.


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