Dear Jane Layout

This is the most tricky part of the Dear Jane experience!

I want to lay out the blocks to give a colour wash effect but as I didn't choose the colours in any order when making the blocks, I'm now stuck with a real mix of values and colours. 

Laying out all the actual blocks for any length of time on the floor is impossible in a busy household and my design wall isn't big enough, so I decided to take colour photos of all the blocks, triangles and plain triangles. I cut these out and now I have a box of paper DJs to play with at my leisure!
The fact that the colour is not as bold on the paper DJs is a plus, as I can see the values and contrasts rather than the colours. As you can see I need to play around with the layout over the next week or so to get it right...



  1. Clever! I am a little glad that mine will just be a scrappy mish-mash, without colour wash or anything. It will make laying them out easier. I just have to finish them!

  2. Looks like you've made a good start Phil. Great idea to copy it and play with paper blocks. See you next week. Tracy x


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