DUQ issue 166

I'm happy to have made it into a quilting magazine at last - 'Down Under Quilts' issue 166 in the 'Meet a Blogger' section if you want to rush out and buy a copy. There's also a good spread of photos from QuiltWest 2014 too ...



  1. It is nice to see your cathedral windows quilt made the spread too. It is not as fancy as some of your amazing quilts, but it is one of my favourites.

  2. I couldn't believe it. I picked up a copy of DUQ yesterday and started flicking through it last night, then exclaimed to my family 'that's my friend Phil!'. I had actually recognised your quilt on the index page and thought it must be from Quilt West. Congrats Phil, you deserve it with the amazing quilts you make. Tracy xx

  3. I'm enjoying my moment of glory!


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