Retreat Here I Come!

I'm one of those people who prepare a project to take away on a retreat or holiday, then get so enthusiastic about it that I work on it before I even set off!
My plan this time was to take all my Dear Jane blocks to an upcoming retreat in the hope that I would get the whole top put together. The blocks and triangles have been sitting around in my sewing room for ages waiting to be organised into a pleasing design but I've put it off because I was worried that the blocks would prove tricky to fit together. Even though I'd hand pieced them as carefully as possible, some blocks were a bit mis-shaped or slightly smaller than the required 4 & 1/2". So the prospect of working on them at the retreat nudged me to get them ready. Of course I had to do a few practice sections and that's when I got carried away...
The blocks looked so much better with the sashings attached that I couldn't stop and now have put almost half the blocks together...
Now I must be strong and leave everything alone till I get to Shoalwater!


  1. Wow!
    I was thinking of taking my last ten to finish while on the retreat, but I haven't got any further than thinking about it. If nothing else, I plan to trim the blocks and tidy them up so that when I piece the top it will be hand-quilting friendly.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing all your blocks.

  3. You're amazing Phil. Can't wait to see the finished piece. Have a wonderful, wonderful time at Shoalhaven. I'm very jealous! Cheers, Tracy xx


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