Daughter's Christmas Quilt

I've made a number of kangaroo wall quilts for friends over the last few years but daughter Stephanie has complained that I haven't made one for her. So for Christmas I used Helen Godden's pattern to make a quilt substituting lizards for kangaroos.
I think Steph likes it...


  1. Absolutely love it. May I ask, did you hand or machine quilt? And which are doing as you quilt your gorgeous DJ quilt?

    1. I'm hand quilting the 'Dear Jane' but the lizard quilt is machine quilted. I enjoy doing both.

  2. Oooh! And the double or piped binding! Which method did you use?

  3. It's the mock piped binding that someone in PWP sent the link for. I'll send it to you... it's so easy but looks fabulous!

  4. That looks awesome Phil. I'm sure Stephanie loved it. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and that you have a wonderful New Year's Eve. We must catch up soon!
    Cheers, Tracy xx


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