Quilting Addiction

Quilting the DJ seemed like a lengthy process when I started  four weeks ago but so far it has been sheer pleasure! Each block is so small that it can be quilted in a spare moment before dinner is ready or when stopping for a mid morning cup of coffee. As long as the light is good I can stitch when watching TV in the evening - if JT doesn't want to watch Scandinavian sub-titled detective dramas of course...


  1. Beautiful quilt! If you quilting by hand, as I am in Brisbane, hope you are staying cool!😀

  2. Luckily Perth as been much milder than usual for this time of year and the batting I've used is so soft and light that it hasn't been a problem to hand quilt (better than sitting at a sewing machine all day at least!)
    Hope Brisbane isn't to uncomfortable...

  3. I love how you are quilting the unpieced triangles. Are you finding the sashing awkward because of the seam bulk behind? (I got distracted from top assembly again – still not finished.)

  4. A while ago I saw a 'DJ' quilted by Judi Madsen (Green fairy Quilts) where she'd machine quilted all the triangles that way. I knew that was what I wanted to do as soon as I saw it.
    The sashing is easy to quilt because I'm quilting right in the centre of each sashing where the 1/4" seam allowance edges meet so no bulk (The seam allowances are pressed towards the sashing to avoid too much bulk in the blocks.)

  5. Your blog is fabulous.



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