Dear Jane scallops

A friend asked me how I intended to do the scallop edge on my Dear Jane quilt. There's very little on the net about doing this but I knew I didn't want to add each scallop individually and I didn't want to bind the scallop edge. But how to face those pesky scallops?
After some searching I found a great video that shows how to face an irregular quilt edge which is just what I wanted.
In preparation, I added a border to my quilt top much wider than the finished width of the scallops. Next I pencil marked the scallop shape onto this border before sandwiching the quilt ready for hand quilting.  I'm now doing all the quilting, scallops included. Once the scallops have been quilted I can use the quilting stitches as a guide when I sew the facing on from the back of the quilt (that's the plan anyway).
Photos to follow...


  1. I am not scalloping my dj edge, but I scalloped my double wedding ring and used a similar method - sew a wide border, mark it and quilt, saving the cutting for last.


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