New improved version...

It's taken a week and a half but my sewing room relocation is finally finished. I sorted out all the messy boxes and drawers, found things I'd forgotten I had and threw away things I didn't need. The smug-I've-been-so efficient feeling is great, as I can now find what I'm looking for in an instant and am ready to actually get down to some sewing...

The extra space I've gained is well worth all the effort!


  1. And I bet there are no more dust bunnies behind the sewing table after the move. I think they are breeding behind mine.

    1. Yes, I was so ashamed to see behind all the furniture...

  2. Looks wonderful! Congratulations!

  3. Thanks, it's a real treat to have so much space.

  4. I could never put a photo of my sewing room on the Internet as I could get dobbed into that TV show Hoarders !!!


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