Ruler Work

How exciting that domestic sewing machine quilters can at last work with rulers!
I saw Patsy Thompson's great video on using rulers recently and was so impressed that I went straight out to buy the ruler foot for my Horizon. Next stop was to purchase of a set of Handiquilter curves and a straight edge. Needless to say they have sat in my cupboard for a couple of months until I decided to have a go today.
Here's my first attempt and I can't believe the potential there is to create some stunning designs and so quick to do too. I didn't really take care to have the area marked out properly as I just wanted to play and my bubbles are a bit rough as I didn't bother to take the ruler foot off to do them, so visibility was poor. 
I highly recommend Patsy Thompson's videos and blog as they really are inspirational...

Patsy Thompson ruler video   (scroll down through her blog post to get to the video)