Millennium Quilt

Day 5 of the quilt challenge - back to England and this is my Millennium Quilt which was started in 1999 and finished about ten years later. I began appliqueing the blocks on a family holiday to Australia (we were still living in India at this time) and I remember stitching in a hotel in Perth, little knowing that over ten years later we would move here to live. Memories of making this quilt intermingle with memories of sitting in Kings Park watching the millennium fireworks.
In 2001 we moved back to England and I completely lost my quilting mojo. I didn't have time to quilt with four school age children (in India we were lucky enough to have help in the house) and I didn't join a quilting group for five years. The quilt languished half done in the basement and I did absolutely no quilting until I met another lovely group of ladies, the Chaucer Quilters. who got me going again. They also introduced me to the world of competitive quilting and I won quite a few prizes with this quilt. It was hand appliqued and hand quilted and is happily living on my lounge wall, back in Perth where it all started.