AQC 2016

Hotel view of the exhibition building
I've been so busy since getting back from Melbourne that I haven't had chance to post about the fantastic week spent with good friends at the Australasian Quilt Convention. We had a wonderful trip full of fun, shopping, classes, meals out, lectures, trips to Fed Square and the NGV, Gala Dinner (I could go on...). I did a four day class with the US tutor, Susan Carlson who was amazing. I also had a quilt (Dear Angela) on display representing the best from WA, which is always an exciting experience. 
I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

Susan Carlson's gigantic quilt "Stevie"
A fantastic setting for "Stevie"

A quilter's heaven!

The WA work table with Helen and Julie

Our helpful Angel, Val
work in progress...
Susan Carlson
Dear Angela on show

looks like we enjoyed ourselves!

WA contingent at the Gala Dinner


  1. Are you sure you are not at a concert, in that second last photo?!! You were sure having fun! I remember admiring your Dear Jane quilt, as did my friend Deb who probably loves Liberty more than I do!

    1. Yes, we do tend to get carried away by the end of the week...glad you and Deb liked my Dear Angela quilt.

  2. Loved the images.....sure looks like I missed some fun!

  3. It was with immense surprise and delight that I turned around at ACQ and there was Dear Angela! What a marvellous quilt. It quite made my day, on a day when I had to be remindeed to close my mouth as I stared at the talent and artistry on show.
    Looking forward to seeing the quilt you were working on there😊

  4. Great to hear you were at AQC and saw dear angela. She needed a day out as usually she sits on my dining room wall and tends to be taken for granted!


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