Saturday, 9 April 2016


I had to have a little challenge quilt ready to hand in at Contemporary Quilt Group this week. A while ago we were given a background fabric pattern to use as the basis for a door quilt. I had no idea what type of door to make until the last minute, when I remembered I had a lot of coffee fabric bought to use for 'Fair Trade', which would be perfect for a cafe door. 
I really enjoyed making this quilt (it only measures about 12"x 18") and am looking forward to seeing all the other 30+  door quilts on display at QuiltWest in May.

Quilting Sneak Peek

I haven't posted for a while because I've been rushing to get on with my 'Fair Trade' quilt. The deadline for the QuiltWest exhibition was fast approaching and I needed to get the top put together ready to photograph for the entry form. I had a number of elements that needed to be put together in the most pleasing way but this was a really difficult decision to make. It took a couple of weeks of rearranging everything to get to the stage where I was reasonably happy with the result. Reassurance was given by two friends and then I was ready to baste and start to quilt.
I'm happy to say that the quilting side of things has gone really well and I've got all the appli-quilting done (appli-quilting is my name for stitching the applique down at the same time as doing the quilting, although someone else might have come up with the term first...). Now I just need to do the background and border quilting when I get back from the AQC in Melbourne.
I decided to use my trusty Janome for this quilt as I haven't had chance to practice on my sweet 16...