Flower Power

Now that life is getting back to normal after a flurry of exhibitions, retreats, workshops and general quilterly activities, I've decided to get to work on a few UFO's.
This one is relatively recent, as I started embroidering the felt flowers last year following a talk by Wendy Williams here in Perth. As I love hand stitching I became a bit obsessed with felt and thread and ended up with a large pile of pretty circles. What to do with them all was the problem (and when to stop...)
After that they sat in a box and destined to be neglected and forgotten until last week, when I began to applique them onto a quilt top. Luckily Wimbledon tennis was on TV which gave me a good excuse to sit down to sew for long periods of time!
Interestingly, I only learnt how to do a colonial knot the easy way last week, after doing zillions of knots using my inefficient two handed technique...

It's a UFO no more...


  1. Wow! This looks gorgeous! I learned the colonial knot in the Wendy Williams workshop I went to last year! It gives great texture and so much easier than a French knot!


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