Foto to Fabric - Brollies Started

Now seems a good time to get going on a piece I started at the AQC in Melbourne during a class with Melissa Sobotka on photo realistic quilts.
The image I chose was one taken by daughter Stephanie of some gorgeous beach brollies on a beach somewhere in Thailand.

The method Melissa uses is different to the way I make my picture quilts and after two days of working with her method I decided I preferred my way and the tiny section worked on in Melbourne has sat waiting to be continued.

So here is my way of making a picture quilt...
First I enlarged my image using These come as multiples of A4 pages which I print at home and need to be taped together
Then I traced the shapes onto thin acetate (cheap book covering from the stationary store) which will be my placement guide

Next I turn the enlarged image over and using a light box draw over all the shapes to make a reverse pattern.

Once that is done I get my work stations ready...One area is for tracing the vliesofix from the reversed pattern and the other is the ironing area. Here I have an applique mat and iron for constructing each section. I work one section at a time and only when all the sections are ready do I fuse to the background.

Then there is the fabric to select but that was already done for the workshop so I'm already to go!


  1. What a fabulous photograph, Phil. It will make a gorgeous quilt.


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