Japanese Boro Stitching

I've long admired the art of Japanese Boro - the real patchwork technique where scraps of fabric are darned over a backing fabric using sashiko stitching to hold in place. This creates a 'new' fabric to use to make bags, clothes etc. etc.
Having a few quiet evenings at home this Christmas I managed to stitch a piece that I think is beautiful in its own right. There's something about the texture of the finished fabric, the colours (mainly indigo) and the rhythm of stitching row after row that makes this so enjoyable...

I'm onto my second piece now...

NOTE: Follow the link to the excellent BeBe Bold video on Boro... Boro knot bag tutorial


  1. Really gorgeous! I love the ends all hanging!

  2. I never encountered boro when I lived in Japan, but it is on my list of things to try now. I have an idea for a small bag - much smaller than your lovely, large piece! I have no idea what I am doing and will just wing it. I notice you do not secure the ends of your threads.


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