A Four Sided Quilt

Friend Meg (our house quilts) made a neat little four sided quilt for a contemporary exhibition recently and I thought it would be a good way to use some image transfer fabric I made last week.

Meg followed a video on making a paper tetra flexagon (tetra tetra flexagon) and she adapted it to make her mini quilt.
As I was using four portraits for each of my quilt sides I had to make sure that I had each section of the portrait in the right place so that when folded and opened the portraits were correct. Making a paper model as a guide helped!

The first step was to construct a two sided quilt with all the sections in what appears to be a muddled order but is actually correct...this is side 2

Then the centre section is cut, folded under and restitched. This is side 1

Once that's all done the four sides can be seen by folding the quilt in four different ways.
Here are the four sides of my quilt when completed...


  1. I think I would have to see this in person to figure out the origami-style folding necessary!

    1. Ha! It was way too difficult to explain in a post but try following the YouTube video to see how it works...


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