Teaching Beginners

As well as giving workshops I also run a beginner quilters' group in Perth for the WA Quilters' Association. This group has grown over time and we've just moved into a larger space, so it seemed like a good time to post some photographs showing the busy bees at work...

The skill levels vary (some have been coming to the group for a number of years) and some are completely new, so that throws up a few challenges. This year the attendees have three choices -

  • To get the basic skills while working on a 'Strip Tease' quilt  (see class sample below) - each strip uses a different technique and I also offer this as a series of workshops. Good for complete beginners
  • To make a number of blocks and units using more advanced techniques to make an improvisational style quilt (see Rhonnda's improv quilt above left)
  • To work on their own project with some assistance if required. This is usually for more competent beginners.

Of course this is very fluid, with a lot of overlapping, but as the photos show everyone just gets stuck into whatever they want to do.

 It's a great group!