Quilts 1988-2000

Sao Paulo/ New Delhi 1994/99
'Stephanie's Sampler' Quilt - 68" x 92"
Own design, machine pieced, hand appliqued and quilted

New Delhi 1999
'Flower Basket' Wall Quilt - 24" x 30"
Adapted from a design by Joyce. M. Schlotzhauer
Curved patch hand pieced and quilted

Brasilia/ New Delhi 1993/99
'Winding Ways' Quilt - 36" x 48"
Traditional curved patch. Hand pieced and quilted

Dartford, England/ New Delhi 1996/98
'The Four Seasons' -40" x 40"
Pattern by Mimi Dietrich
Tea dyed background fabric
Hand pieced, appliqued and quilted 

Brasilia/ New Delhi 1993/8
'Striped Set Sampler' Friendship Quilt - 60" x 60"
Blocks pieced and signed by the Brasilia Piecemakers
Set and quilted by me

Dartford, Kent, England 1996
'Cats Quilt' - 35" x 35"
Made for a Russell House School Auction
Machine pieced and hand quilted

Sao Paulo 1994
'Bedtime Bears' Quilt - 40" x 40"
Made for son, Alex from a Quiltmaker Magazine pattern
Hand pieced and quilted

Brasilia 1993
'Colour Wheel' Wall Quilt - 41" x 41"
Made from a colour wheel fabric pack to own design
Machine pieced and hand quilted with Amish style feather design

Brasilia 1993
'Sewing Room' Quilt - 44" x 52"
From a Quiltmaker Magazine pattern
Pieced by ex- students for me and hand quilted by me

Brasilia 1993
'Carole's Baby Quilt' - 30" x 30"
hand pieced and quilted

Brasilia 1993
'Christmas Stars' Quilt - 70" x 54"
Hand pieced and quilted
Some traditional blocks and some own design

Brasilia 1993
'Simon's Transport' Quilt - 62" x 86"
Blocks mainly my design
Machine pieced and hand quilted

Brasilia 1992
'Candy Wheels' Quilt - 86" x 102"
Made for sister Julie and Tony's 25th wedding Anniversary
The Quilt design won the on-going Quiltmaker Magazine Design Contest and was published in the Spring '93 issue with a $100 prize!

Brasilia 1990/1
'Echoing Star' Quilt - 60" x 60"
From a Judy Martin Pattern
Machine pieced and hand quilted

Brasilia 1990
'Rocking Horse' Quilt- 38" x 38"
From a Quiltmaker Magazine pattern 
Hand appliqued by the Brasilia Piecemakers for my son, Mark
Hand quilted by me

Brasilia 1990
'Sail Boat' Cot Quilt - 35" x 48"
Made for Francis Tomasoni's son.

Brasilia 1990
40th Wedding Anniversary Quilt - 42" x 54"
Made for my parents in a simple nine patch pattern
A lap quilt that turns into a pillow (Quillow)
Machine pieced and hand quilted

Brasilia 1989
'Maple Leaf' Quilt- 60" x 60"
Made from Laura Ashley pack of 4" squares
Blocks pieced by Brasilia Piecemakers. Set and hand quilted by me on a large floor frame (never again!)


Brasilia 1989
'Flying Geese' Wall Quilt - 20" x 20"
From a Marsh McCloskey pattern
hand pieced and quilted

Brasilia 1989  
'Flowers of the Nile' - 42" x 42"
First attempt at following a pattern (from Quiltmaker magazine)
Machine pieced and hand quilted

Brasilia 1989/93 
 My first Queen size sampler quilt - 99" x 84" 
Hand & machine pieced and hand quilted

Brasilia 1988
  My very first quilt made during a Beginners Course -  45" x 45"


  1. OMG!! you have put even more on now!! It is quite inspiring .. or off putting !! can't compete with you! X trudy

  2. stunning.
    am so inspired!
    thank you for showing


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