Left-over Dye Day

After the dyeing session last week we had a number of jars of dye stock left over which I brought home to use up ( waste not want not....). I bought some white homespun (15 meters) which was on sale and thought I would only be able to dye a few meters and have spare fabric left over for later projects. But somehow the dye stock kept magically replenishing itself and I used up all my fabric plus two extra meters I had in the cupboard! 
All careful measuring of last week went out of the window and I soon had a production line where I mixed colours with gay abandon. Not even the cleaning cloths were wasted-  as soon as one looked pretty I changed for a new one. I squidged, rolled, folded, tied and scrunched without making any notes of what I did and when or what colours I used. Completely unscientific!
So I now have a million bags of dyed fabric curing till tomorrow and then the exciting time of discovering what comes out of all the bags and the boring bit of rinsing and washing...